About us

Golden Granet

Our goal is to produce and distribute such gluten- and allergen-free high quality vegan products which have outstanding nutritional value, are easily digestible and can be well adapted to fitness-related and medical diets, too. They are ready-made meals that can be prepared quickly and suitable for our accelerated pace of life.
Granet is the name of an indigenous tree species in Hungary. Indigenous trees are resistant to diseases and yield delicious crops with high value of nutrient content. For us, the word ’Granet’ means this value. The word ‘golden’ denotes our products' quality.
This is how Golden Granet was born. Changing of lifestyle; keeping in mind to have such gluten-free, healthy and preservative-free meals on the table - even if we do not have much time – which should be delicious and, after consuming it, we feel active and full of energy.

Background - experiences

Nowadays, more and more people have become allergic to something around me. Ragweed, lactose, gluten. Cross allergy. Let’s leave the milk – will the ragweed allergy cease? Leave the gluten – will we feel as having more energy than we had before? Is it true that milk consumption is not recommended for adults because so many people are sensitive to lactose? More and more people agree with these thoughts, many people have changed their eating habits and are sharing their positive experiences with their friends.

What are the characteristics of our environment and our meals?

We live in a fast-paced world. There are many environmental stimuli and a lot to do, life is busy and stressful. Eating irregularly and something fast. Low fiber content. Gluten, lactose, preservatives. All these burden the human body, the stomach and the intestines. We can help ourselves and our body a lot with changing our lifestyle, eating regularly, doing gymnastics or yoga and choosing the right food.
We can read a lot about the advantages of gluten-free nutrition. If we eat properly, we will not have meteorism and the burden of digestion will not "draw off" the brain but we will be and feel fresh, quick-thinking, active, filled with energy. Many nutritionists and dieticians have already recognized the benefits of gluten-free eating.
According to the Hungarian National Association of Interest Representatives of Coeliac Disease, celiac disease affects 1-2% of the total population of Hungary but only 10 to 15% of them have already been diagnosed, so the problem affects approximately 20-30% of the population. Internationally, according to the iceberg model of gluten sensitivity, patients showing serious symptoms of celiac disease are just the tip of the iceberg, since 30-40% of the population shows immune response to the ingredients of gluten based on stool diagnostics, and potentially 50-60% of the population may become gluten-sensitive for genetic reasons. It is a big problem that gluten sensitivity is recognized only when its complications - osteoporosis, for example - occur. Therefore, more than 2 million people may be affected by this disease in Hungary. In case of existence of any gluten-related illnesses, the only possible treatment option can be the complete elimination of gluten, namely regimen. More and more people with health-consciousness, knowing these criteria, consciously avoid foods containing gluten.

Health Awareness

Consumers' health awareness is growing more and more, and there are certain research findings get to be known by the public which indicate that a predominantly plant-based diet can have many advantages. A more traditional plant-based diet would help millions of people in achieving a longer and healthier life, would decrease the emission level that plays a role in global warming significantly, and would reduce the government expenditures spent for health and to alleviate the damages caused by climate change by billions of dollars a year. The world's meat-based nutrition system is responsible for more than a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions. The premature death of 5.1 and 8.1 million people could be prevented by 2050 by changing over to fruit and vegetable consumption and vegan diet that includes no products of animal origin. Food-related emissions can be reduced by 29% with diet according to global guidelines, by 63% with vegetarian diet, and by 70% by being vegan. To do this, the consumption of fruit and vegetables should be increased by 28% and red meat consumption should be reduced by 56%, and people should take in 15% less calories.
Meal is a free decision, everyone eats the best when he or she listens to the reactions of his or her body, and makes up his/her diet accordingly. Golden Granet helps you with a conscious diet, offering rich foods that you can insert into your everyday life.

What are the main characteristics of our products?

  • Our products and the plant are gluten-free (those having gluten are wheat, rye, barley, oat, spelt and kamut, and cereals containing their hybridised strains, and products made thereof)
  • Our products and the plant are free of soy and products made thereof
  • Our products and the plant are free from nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, pecans, Brazilian nuts, pistachios, macadamia/Queensland nuts and products made thereof)
  • Our products and the plant are free from peanuts and products made thereof
  • Our products are free from milk and products made thereof (milk-sugar (lactose) and milk proteins (e.g. casein))
  • Our products do not contain any added artificial colourings
  • Our products do not contain any added preservatives
  • The raw materials used for our products are strictly checked, and we buy only from qualified suppliers

We wish you good appetite, health and fitness!