Golden Granet

Millet mini baguette
440 Ft

Gluten-free millet baguette, vegan vegetable cream and lots of vegetables... the perfect snack in Go.....

Pumpkin seed hamburger bun
480 Ft

If you -while enjoying sports- are looking for a really good taste with high protein content yet l.....

Linseed bread
595 Ft1 190 Ft

Edible health. The delicious taste and rich nutritional value of the Linseed bread is due to the f.....

Millet bread
595 Ft1 190 Ft

Edible health. The delicious taste and rich nutritional value of the millet bread is due to the fa.....

Cocoa rolls 2pcs
690 Ft

Cocoa rolls for breakfast ?! Of course! Our gluten and allergen free cocoa rolls provide excellent.....

Natur snack
650 Ft


Spicy snack
670 Ft


Ginger thaler
740 Ft

Surprise your loved ones with a special sweet gift. Ginger thaler is a gluten-free shortbread biscui.....

Croissant 2pcs
690 Ft

The best gluten-free croissant with ementali flavoured vegan cheese.Gluten-freeAllergen-freeSource o.....

Brownie-raspberry muffin
790 Ft

Our Brownie-raspberry muffin is truly delicious thanks to the special raspberry-basil jam we use a.....

Fermented millet bread
745 Ft1 490 Ft

Millet bread fits perfectly to health-conscious diet, due to gluten-free grain and seed flours, wh.....

Chia choco kiss
820 Ft

Chia choco kiss is a gluten-free shortbread biscuit, which is crunchy due to the high-fibre chia see.....

Strawberry-cinnamon heart
820 Ft

The strawberry-cinnamon heart is a gluten-free shortbread biscuit which is able to add a special mom.....

Granet scone 2pcs
790 Ft

The best gluten-free scone with smoked vegan cheese.Gluten freeAllergen freeSource of dietary fiberS.....

Chia seed mini bun
830 Ft

Chia seed mini buns in re-sealable packaging can help in everyday rush; of which even only 1 can.....

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